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Be a SMART(er) Starter

Setting Off on the Right Financial Foot

SMART(er) Tax Solutions

Lower your tax bill using innovative strategies.

Investing 101

Make Your Money Work SMART(er)

SMART(er) Retirement

Fundamentals of Retirement Income Planning

SMART(er) Real Estate Investing

Build Wealth by Becoming the Landlord

SMART(er) College Savings Strategies

529 Plans and other savings strategies compared

Be a SMART(er) Starter - Setting Off on the Right Financial Foot

January 30th

6:30 pm

Learn necessary foundation skills to set yourself up for a life of financial success. Basics of budgeting and saving, importance of investing early, responsible use of credit, workplace benefits, ROTH vs Traditional IRA's, and buying a house vs renting will be covered. This class is perfect for those just out of college, beginning their careers or currently renting their living space.

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Investing 101 - Making Your Money Work SMART(er)

February 20th

6:30 pm

Learn the basics of stocks, bonds and real estate investing. Covering concepts like stocks vs bonds, how dividends work, compounding vs simple interest, portfolio construction, and leveraging to buy real estate.  This class is perfect for anyone having investments including workplace 401(k)'s and 403(b)'s, IRA's, brokerage accounts or Real Estate.

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SMART(er) Real Estate Investing - Becoming the Landlord

March 12th

6:30 pm

This class builds upon the real estate investing concepts introduced during Investing 101.  Discover strategies for constructing a real estate portfolio, potential tax benefits of real estate, residential vs commercial, and generating passive income. This class if perfect for those who own one or more properties and those wanting to learn how to invest in real estate.

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SMART(er) Tax Solutions - Maximizing Charitable Contributions, 1031 Exchanges and Opportunity Zones

March 26th

6:30 pm

Want to lower your tax bill?  Do you have appreciated assets you'd like to defer paying capital gains taxes on - perhaps forever?  This workshop covers the basics of using Donor Advised Funds, 1031 exchanges and Opportunity Zones to legally defer and/or reduce taxes. This class is perfect for those with high incomes as well as those having appreciated investment properties or appreciated stock positions you'd like to sell but don't want to pay the taxes on.

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SMART(er) Retirement - Fundamentals of Retirement Income Planning

April 9th

6:30 pm

Learn about switching from an accumulation strategy to a decumulation strategy, the role of guaranteed income in constructing your retirement portfolio, and insuring for risks like long term care. Also covered are required minimum distributions (RMD's), ROTH conversions, and pro's and con's of annuities. This workshop is perfect for those currently in retirement and those within 10 years of retirement.

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SMART(er) College Savings Strategies - 529 Plans and Other Savings Strategies Compared

April 30th

6:30 pm

Concerned about having enough to help your kids pay for college?  Lean the basics of different college savings vehicles including 529 plans, educational IRA's, cash value insurance policies, and traditional savings strategies.  We will also look into non-traditional strategies such as 401(k) loans and home equity lines of credit. 


Note: This workshop does not cover financial aid (FAFSA) applications.

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